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Online Classes for VI to IX will start from 1st July 2020 on Google Suite. Also Audio & Video lessons would be provided from LKG to Class V.



‘Wonderland’ is an artistically painted, comfortable and convenient space for the kids, providing impetus in their preparatory years before formal education.The curriculum includes a proper balance between what is being taught, to make sure that each and every child understands what he or she is studying, proceeding with each kid along with a proper gradient that is neither too steep nor too shallow for the child so that they can think with it and apply it.

Primary Wing

The Primary years of formal Schooling are very crucial and play a vital role in establishing the personality of any child. Thus to ensure the board – based development of pupils and to enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills and to prepare them for their further school career, the School provides a rich, stimulating and caring environment in which children feel happy and confident.

Middle Wing

Middle Wing education is the crux of Schooling. In these years only, students develop self-reliance, can set their goals and inculcate hobbies & interest.
Therefore we at DWPS- Ashta, delicately intrinsically ensure that every child feels comfortable with the added load of Subjects & curriculum enhancement at the Middle Level, while pursuing other interest.



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Dr. Kailash Satyarthi Wing (Social Service)

The Social Service Club is established to inculcate social behavior among our students. The activities of the Club help members to learn to respect people and teach students to be concerned not only about themselves but also for the welfare of the society as a whole. This inculcates community spirit in the students.

Dr. APJ Kalam Wing (Science, Mathematics & Computer)

This Club inculcates interest in the subject area taught in the school. The main function of this club is to create explorers who are always bubbling with the questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Dr. R.N. Tagore Wing (Literary)

Literary Club focuses on ensuring that children are ready to take their examinations with a rich vocabulary, genuine comprehension skills and confidence in key aspects of literacy and verbal reasoning. The Club activity also develop public speaking skill among the children and an interest in reading for pleasure.

Dr. Ravi Verma Wing (Creativity)

Creativity Club proposes to discover and hone the latent talents of the students. The club provides adequate opportunities to bring their talents to the fore and thereby gain confidence and recognition.

Dr. Saalim Ali Wing (Nature and Environment)

Nature and Environment Club is being set up to train students how to safeguard the wild life and ecosystem in the face of climatic changes. This has become a priority for the sake of conservation and resource management.

Dhayan Chand Wing (Sports)

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports Club, through its various sports activities delelops team spirit among Students and simultaneously improves their physical fitness.

Sitara Devi Wing (Performing Arts)

Music is a healer which affects the heart, soul and mind. The Club, through performing art, enhances the potential of students to explore their latent talent.


Latest News

  • Webinar Organised by Delhi World Foundation, headed by Mrs. Louise Khurshid

    Delhi World Foundation organised a Webinar headed by Mrs. Louise Khurshid, the Chairperson herself. Through personal emails to two of our students Mradul Barjatya, Class 9 and Aarav Deshlehra, Class 8 and teacher Ms.Aarti Singh and to the Principal Mrs. Sangita Sood for joining the Webinar, she showed her concern and ensured connectivity. The Webinar was also joined by Dr. Punam Kashyap, Director, ERC and Ms. Deepa Raghavan, Associate Director, ERC and few other dignitaries.


  • Happy Yoga Day !!!

    Delhi World Public School, Ashta conveys heartiest wishes for a very happy and healthy mind, body and soul to everyone on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Some of our teachers and students also shared their videos on this occasion. We wish everybody a life of Symphony and Harmony on this Day !


  • Interaction of Mentor of Delhi World Foundation Honourable Mr. Salman Khurshid and Chairperson respected Mrs. Louise Khurshid with the staff and students.

    The Mentor of Delhi World Foundation Honourable Mr. Salman Khurshid and Chairperson respected Mrs. Louise Khurshid themselves interacted with the staff and students of some of our sister concerns.


  • Gratitude to Principal Mam

    One of our student Mahi Ali of Class 9, expressing her gratitude to Principal Mam and to all Teachers for their constant efforts to enrich the lives of their students. With all thanks and blessings to dear Mahi !


  • DWPS Ashta is all set to commensurate the Online classes

    The education system should evolve as per the need of hour, how aptly Gandhiji quoted almost a century before ! Thus, to meet the demand of the time and keep pace with the most challenging scenario in education, DWPS Ashta is all set to commensurate the Online classes along with In-School class after the summer break.


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  • School Reopen

    School Reopens on 18 MARCH 2020!

Meet Our Faculty

Mrs.Sangita Sood


As the legacy of Delhi World Foundation continues to unfold, I am extremely proud to play an integral role in maintaining the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with Delhi World Public Schools. We, in DWPS, Ashta, are committed to provide our students challenging educational opportunites in a learning environment which will allow them to graduate as life-long learners who will make valuable contributions in a globally diverse society and we seek the support of our honourable parents in achieving our goal.


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